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Control SIM Cards Of GSM Terminal
Product ID :
Product Description :

Our SCM50-SIM Cards manager provides control over all the SIM cards of your fixed wireless terminal.It’s the best solution for replacing physical SIM cards changing on terminals and secures storage of all SIM cards

The smart SCM50-SIM Cards Manager enables communication between the GSM module and the SIM card. It can control the time of outgoing calls and use all the free-talk time of each card then switch to next one automatically when it’s used up. 

This device must couple with our NEOS3000Aseries products since it is unable to work individually. With a big storage capacity it contains 1 to 5 SIM modules (10 holders/ module), total max up to 50 SIM cards.

Product Features :

1. Totally control of all your SIM cards from your office.
2. Manage and control the outgoing time of each SIM card from 000~999 minutes.
3. Counter unit: second, minute or call.
4. Timer ending: continue or finish the call.
5.4 digits display.
6. Automatically switch the SIM card.
7. Storage capacity: 1~5 modules and Max 50 SIM cards.
8. SCM50 works in conjunction with NEOS 3000A series to provide access to SIM cards

Product Specifications :

1.Independent program: all setting value of each SIM is independent.
2.Reminding tone: Emit the reminding tone when time ending or damage.
3.SIM card: for 3V or 5V SIM card.

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